Ultrafast Optics and Application(UFO-NK)


Optical field manipulation and ultrafast optical information processing

Ultrafast Optics and Application    Research Interests    Optical field manipulation and ultrafast optical information processing

Contact: Prof. Xiaolei Wang




      The fusion of vector beams with cylindrical symmetry in polarization and beam engineering techniques including pupil plane phase or amplitude masks emerges as an enabling platform for a variety of advanced focal manipulation and focus shaping. In particular, optical vortex carrying spiral phase distributions can break the rotational symmetry of polarization distribution of cylindrical polarized vector beams allowing versatile means for focus shaping. Generation of various type optical fields or even arbitrary shaped fields to meet diverse demands from different aspects such as material processing, particle manipulation and optical imaging remains elusive. By judiciously manipulating multiple parameter of optical field in entrance pupil plane, including phase, polarization, amplitude, multifunctional optical focused filed can be achieved.

      Ultrafast digital holography by using femtosecond laser pulse can be used to record ultrafast process with high time solution. The information reconstruction including amplitude and phase with a high resolution in time, space or spectrum domain, which can be not undertaken by the other means. This unique technique serves for the dynamic process diagnosis, such as ultrashort pulse laser interaction with materials, two-dimensional Thz pulse filed detection, et al. .


      Refs:Optics Express, 25, 22, 2017; Optics Express, 25, 15, 2017; Optics Letters, 36, 2737, 2011;Applied Physics letters, 97, 061117, 2010; Optics Letters, 36, 124, 2011

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