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The 11th Asian symposium on intense laser science conference (asil 11) was held successfully

Ultrafast Optics and Application    The 11th Asian symposium on intense laser science conference (asil 11) was held successfully

(October 30, 2019) the 11th Asian strong field laser science conference (ASILS11) was successfully held in st. Regis financial street hotel, tianjin.From the university of Tokyo, Japan, the physical and chemical research institute, Osaka university, Korea advanced institute of science and technology, South Korea basic science research institute, nanyang technological university in Singapore, Canada, French atomic energy and alternative energy committee laval university and so on more than 40 international scholars and the Beijing university, qinghua university, huazhong university of science and technology, zhejiang university, nanjing university, national university of defense technology, Shanghai jiaotong university, jilin university, east China normal university, Shanghai normal university, Shanghai polytechnic university, tianjin university and the Chinese academy of sciences institute of physics, in sea ray machine, wuhan institute of mathematics and physics, Beijing institute of applied physics and computational mathematics, Chinese workersCheng institute of physics and other domestic nearly 100 scientific research workers attended the conference.The conference was co-organized by the institute of modern optics of nankai university and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions. Academicians Chen jia-er, gong qihuang, he xian-tu, li ru-xin, xu zhi-zhan, yao jian-quan and zhang jie formed the steering committee. Professor liu wei-wei, director of the institute of optics, was the chairman of the conference.

    At the opening ceremony on the morning of June 30, vice President Chen jun attended and delivered a speech. President Chen jun introduced the long history of nankai university to the participants.Nankai university has many first-class disciplines, and optical engineering is one of the six national key first-level disciplines.On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of nankai university, nankai university has comprehensively launched the "4211 excellent nankai" action plan to build a interdisciplinary center, hoping to strengthen cooperation with international first-class laser science scientists on the platform of 4211 and enhance international influence.


    Professor Chang Hee Nam, chairman of the organization committee for strong laser science in Asia and director of the relativistic laser science center of the Korea institute of basic sciences (IBS), introduced the history of the strong field laser science conference in Asia.The first Asian conference on strong laser science was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2004, aiming to promote international cooperation in strong laser science among Asian countries.



   This session with a total of more than 40 special report, more than 30 post report, femtosecond laser technology, mechanism of interaction between laser and material, laser particle acceleration, high order harmonic generation mechanism and regulation, femtosecond chemistry, strong THz radiation, nonlinear optics and process parameter, strong laser transmission and shreds, biological, and the application of the material is strong laser frontier science.At the same time of promoting academic exchanges, the conference will grasp the development frontier of strong field laser science accurately, combine the professional field with the development of society and the country, and uphold the school motto of "pursuing fair ability and changing with each passing day", adding luster to the new century of nankai university.


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